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Attention to DeTAIL

We need to come clean here. Designers can be annoy when it comes to getting things right. We have many years experience of producing entire design packages for clients. Our packages include:

  • Full custom icon libraries

  • Detailed brand guidelines

  • Full UX designs

  • ‘Pixel perfect’ designs

We never hand over designs we don’t think are perfect in every way. We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure they have full visibility of the direction of our design work, this way we are able to guarantee our clients are fully satisfied with the outcome of our work.


If you are happy with with your UI and your brand, then we can focus on your customer journeys. We have improved countless onboarding and purchasing journeys, from basket layouts all the way to confirmation pages. It’s vital customers are enabled to make quick and easy decisions, are able to find the information they need with as few interactions as possible and always left with a pleasant experience of your product. We’re able to align all these features with business needs and requirements.



How a page loads and how button behaves when clicked on can be as important as the resulting information which loads. Everything contributes to an experience and we’re able to focus on the smallest of animations to help achieve a satisfying one.


examples, screen’s with copy shown.




User testing


Load speeds & device testing

photos of devices with same screens

trends, competitor analYsis

market apps, comparisons.



cms options

latest languages

code screenshots.


light apps/website.

future proof

planning ahead, want to make changes.


“Mojave shows how local changes make a global impact.”

NGO News Publication  |  April 2016


Projected growth based on current donations


2012 - 2016


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