Cory Arcangel interview

Retro Air Jordan 5

These babies are in stock on the Kinetics website. They are the Retro Air Jordan 5 from the brand’s Fall 2011 collection. The shoe comes in a Black/Metallic Silver-Red Varsity colorway and are priced at 16,800 Yen. (Just over $130)

Cities collection by Olschinsky

Here's an impressive illustration from an Austrian create studio called Olschinsky. It's from their collection called "Cities".

Trailer: One Day on Earth

On October the 10th 2010, people across the world were encouraged to record something, anything and send it to the One Day on Earth project. 9 months later the project to blend thousands of short clips into one full length film has finished. You can find out more on the projects website.

"Founded in 2008, ONE DAY ON EARTH is creating an online community, shared archive, and film. Together, we are showcasing the amazing diversity, conflict, tragedy, and triumph that occur in one day. We invite you to join our international community of thousands of filmmakers, hundreds of schools, and dozens of non-profits, and contribute to this unique global mosaic. One Day on Earth is a community that not only watches, but participates."

Melbourne International Film Festival nominated films on Mubi

The Melbourne International Film Festival (dangerously close to MILF) has teamed up with Mubi to showcase a selection of films which are up for awards at the festival. You currently have a choice of 5 films to stream (for free) on the Mubi website and apparently more will be added as the festival draws to a close. Check out the Mubi website.

Amy Winehouse 1983 – 2011

Everyone has an opinion on Amy Winehouse, her music and the way she lived her life. But what is indisputable is that she possessed a raw and incredible talent which very few people on this earth have. A voice and a presence which won her numerous Brit and Grammy awards. Embedding was disabled but here is a link to our favourite Winehouse song

BLVD Ice Pop-Up shop by Nike Basketball in Harlem

Lucian Frued 1922 – 2011

Lucian Freud was generally regarded as the greatest British painter of this generation. You can find our more about his work and life on his wikipedia page.

Levi’s Print Workshop opening event in Berlin

If only they'd opened this is London…

"Opening event of the Levi’s® Print Workshop in Berlin. From July 7 until August 18, 2011 this community-based screen-printing space is facilitating creative production and collaboration. Located in Berlin’s central core, Mitte, and housed in a temporary venue in the city’s former mint ‘Alte Münze’ (Old Coin), the Levi’s® Print Workshop celebrates craftsmanship and the city’s vibrant creative community. The Workshop marks the global launch of the Brand's ‘Go Forth’ marketing campaign and continues its longstanding commitment of craftsmanship, community, and social progress."

The Growing Table by Ruth Vatcher

Ruth Vatcher is an interior and product designer. We really love her design for an agricultural table which encourages people learn about and then grow their own vegetables. You can find out a bit more about Ruth as well as see a few of her different projects on her website.

"One good thing about growing up on a ranch is that I ended up with a bit of a green thumb, but even though I’m a big city kid now, I still appreciate the idea of growing my own food! Eat Play Grow is a “growing table” that promotes early education in growing vegetables & herbs from home. Fit with a watertight container for potting, storage for tools & seeds, & a chopping board surface, the table encourages interaction with plants & veggies from a young age & can even help picky eaters learn to love their veggies!"

New York artist Stash talks art and fashion

The skateboard house

Not the most practical of living dwellings, but nevertheless it's a very cool concept.

"The PAS House takes this concept and brings it to life through an architectural project mixing a modern single family home with a skateboard ramp structure — all from an environmentally-driven perspective."

Stussy Deluxe and Converse collaboration

Sneak peak of a Stussy and Converse collaboration which is bring released at the end of the month at most Stussy stores. If we HAD to choose between them, we'd go for the blues.

A day in the life of Pixar’s John Lasseter

Artwork by Danny Haas

Here is a brilliant set of posters by artist and geek, (his own words) Danny Haas. The "Kent" poster above is our favorite. You can purchase these posters and more work from Haas from his page on Society 6