The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore iPad App

A very different and beautiful iPad app was recently released by the people at Moonbot Studios. We've managed to find a couple of behind-the-scenes video below and if you want to find out even more on this amazing project you can head on over to their website. The app you can get from iTunes.

The story behind Metropolis II

The Split Lifebook by Jung Dae Hoon

Jung Dae Hoon has created this concept laptop (above) which breaks down into numerous separate pieces which can all be used independently. We're not too convinced about the pink scheme (or the fluffy pink keychain) but the idea is an interesting one. You can read about about this project, and more of Jung's ideas and concepts on his website.

Nike Sportswear and Hipstamatic

Nike have teamed up with Hipstamatic to create this, a new skin and photo category for the incredibly popular iPhone app.

"Nike has partnered with photographer Chris Hornbecker and Apple's iPhone App of the Year, Hipstamatic. Together they have created a beautiful HipstaPak which includes a set of black and white film that will be available throughout the month of June. It's time to tell your story."

You can download it from here.

The Life water container by Andrea Ponti

The Life is a water container. It has been made from natural cotton and recycled paper layer and doesn’t use any chemical inak or glues which affect it being recycled. It has been designed by Andrea Ponti for Milano Expo in 2015.

The TikTok strap for the iPod Nano

The story behind this simple plastic wrist strap for the iPod Nano is truly amazing. The designer Scott Wilson was rejected by numerous manufacturers and decided to take his idea to the website Kickstarter to find funding. The item has done so well that Apple will soon be selling this strap across all their US stores. It's a real Kickstarter success story. You can find out more from Fast Co Design.

The Wind Energy Watch by Julien Moise

Julien Moise has designed this super concept for a watch. You simply blow onto the fan which surrounds the watch, and then wait as the the small amount of electricity which you have just generated triggers the time to appear in the centre of the watch. How practical (especially when eating) this concept may be is questionable, but to use use ones own breath as an energy supply is a great idea which we'll hopefully see being used in other products too.


Full Metal Jacket iPad app project

Kickstarter is a website where people can launch ideas for projects and ask for funding from the public. People can pledge anything from $1 up to thousands of dollars, and in return each project will reward you in some way or other. It really is a great way to get your plans noticed and to get funding! This is the video for an iPad app of Matthew Modine's Full Metal Jacket Diary book, of which only 20,000 were ever printed.

The WVIL Camera is a glimpse into the future

We could easily drool over this concept camera by Artefact for ages. The best think however would be to recommend you scroll down view more photos and a great viral video of what you've just realised you want for Christmas 2015.

Ziiiro Aurora and Orbit watches

Not sure why, but there is something fascinating and intriguing  about concept watches which really grabs our attention, regardless of how tricky they may actually be to use. These two from Ziiiro are actually more than just concepts, they are actually available for pre-order! Yes, you read correctly, they are available to buy! Scroll down to see instructions on telling the time using their watches, and if that's convinced you… visit their shop.

The ZEN Light concept

The ZEN light is a concept for a lamp, using a magnetic engine which requires absolutely no external power supply at all. No external power means no cables, wires or even batteries. For more photos and info on the lamp visit Yanko Design.

The first man in space

50 years ago today (April 12th),  Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space when he orbited the Earth once during a 108 minute flight. When he came back down to earth he was quoted to have said:

"Orbiting Earth in the spaceship, I saw how beautiful our planet is. People, let us preserve and increase this beauty, not destroy it!"

Digital Film by Park Hyun Jin

Everybody (above the age of 25) has an old film camera somewhere sitting around, collecting dust and probably feeling very sorry for itself. Japanese designer Park Hyun Jin has created a really cool concept which could give the camera a timely pick-me-up.

It's a digital memory card in the shape of a roll of film. It can be inserted into the camera, used as a memory card then transferred over to your computer (see diagram below for step by step guide). It's just been entered into the IF Design competition, and gets my vote to win!

Mercedes-Benz and BMW concept cars

Here are a couple of concept cars released by Mercedes-Benz and BMW this last week. There's more chance of the BMW M5 (below) being built than Mercedes A-Class apparently but do not let that stop you imagining what it would be like to own and drive either of these beasts.

When the battery met USB

Here's a cool little concept by Haimo Bao and friends, which they just entered into the IF Design concept for 2011.

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