The Inverted Bike Shop in Brooklyn

Pioneer introduce the already amazing HDJ-2000 in Black.

Pioneer have been updating all their DJ equipment with the new "K" moniker and now they have released the ultimate DJ headphone to suit. The HDJ-2000-K is the pinnacle of overhead audio excellence, pure sound, pure comfort and now even purer looks. "Beats by Dre" take a beauty and sound lesson from the Pioneers!

Interview with Dieter Rams

Apple’s iPod turns 10 years old

We could write a paragraph or two about how this iPod really took digital music to a new level, but we'd rather sit back for 10 minutes and listen to Steve Jobs instead. Check out the video below of the man himself introducing the iPod to the world.

Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera

The Rotor 360 concept by Charlie Nghiem

Here at Grow Sunday we keep on falling for the same trap. We find amazing product concepts, get excited about them and then wait for them never to be released. This time however it's different.

Okay, no it isn't, it's not different at all. We've found another amazing concept which we're excited about and decided to tease ourselves (and you I'm afraid) with shots of the Rotor 360. The Rotor 360 Camera is a concept for a camera devised to keep menus and sub-menus easy. The design consists of a spine tabular column that brings together all the key functions in one place for optimum use.

As Charlie Nghiem (the designer) explains, “The column consists of several cylinders stacked on top of each other forming a set that in would fit into the camera. To access the features and menus, just drag the thumb on the cylinder are in order to rotate each function. Each cylinder would correspond to a line displayed on the screen.” Enjoy the shots below.

“See What you Print” concept printer by Artefact

I'm not sure why we tease ourselves with concepts of incredible products, knowing that they will probably never see the light of day. But we do. And by gosh this printer is lovely. Find out more about this concept at Artefact.

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Project Rimino by Amid Moradganjeh

What a simple and extremely well executed concept this is. The Rimino is the brainchild of Amid Moradganjeh. A concept piece of work which impressively blends a minimalist UI with great technology. This is Amid describing his own work 

" Project Rimino redefines mobile experience through human factors research and design thinking. Informed by human experience, the project is guided by both observational and experimental design research methods. The Rimino concept is an E-paper mobile device with a user interface inspired by print posters. Historically, as technology has progressed, devices have become more conspicuous. Rimino challenges this trend and presents the alternative: technology that is more integrated and more sensitive to the human experience."

Alfa Romeo 4C coupe concept

Concept: The Smile Alarm Clock

An alarm clock which will only switch off if you smile at it. A genius and potentially catastrophically annoying concept by  Kim Jungwoo.

What see app, gives you a baby’s view of the world

The BMWi concept i3 and i8 cars

Canon combine a mouse with a calculator

Weird. If you are intrigued and wish to find out more, you can do so over on Engadget

How Leica lenses are made

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