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Sexy video celebrates Marc Jacobs & Playboy birthday

In an homage to the joint birthday of two serious lady-loving icons, Toronto based film-maker Claire Edmondson has made a special "birthday card" video for Marc Jacobs and Hugh Hefner.

The designer and the Hef both spend their days surrounded by nearly-naked women, albeit for different reasons. As Louis Vuitton's creative director, Jacobs embraces the female form in a purely artistic sense – and enjoys selling the brand with imagery provocative enough to get banned. While the Hef is… well, the Hef.

'Me, Marc & Hugh'  walks the same sultry line as American Apparel et al - brands who've long since discovered quasi-innocent frolicking underpins the most successful campaigns - and this film could easily pass as one of Marc Jacobs' own.

Essentially, it's semi-naked ladies rolling around clutching Louis Vuitton in a pastel-tinted school boy wet dream.

Clearly, school boys are used to more hardcore footage than this. And although filmed as a tongue-in-cheek birthday cheer to Jacobs and Hefner, the lack of men in the video mirrors Claire's feelings on the nature of porn in the current day.

“There is a gross inequality within the porn industry and because of that inequality; it is understandable that it's seen as degrading to women,” she told Vice.

Echoing Caitlin Moran's thoughts that porn should be more women-focussed (if you haven't read the chapter on porn from Moran’s How to Be a Woman, do it immediately), Claire says: "I think more women should be making porn or erotica for women. “

“The porn industry isn't going to go away, so I think the next logical step is to have more women making from a female perspective.

“Maybe if more women were producing it, it would create a creative equality, which would help in the degradation of women. That's clearly not going to solve all of the problems within pornography, but it feels like a positive step."

Rather than porn, Claire calls her film "dream humour". What do we think?

by @sallygriffith


Review: Modern day Montreal meets 1960s Paris in new film

Fates collide in a curious film about two love stories this May. Café de Flore sees a single mother in the 1960s and a successful DJ in modern-day Montreal, both defined by their differences and bound by the same timeless complexities of love and loyalty.

Vanessa Paradis shines in an accomplished cast as Jacqueline, the determined single mother of a Down's syndrome child in 1960s Paris. After his father rejects baby Laurent at birth, Jacqueline makes it her life’s aim to bring him up as ‘ordinarily’ as possible, and to prove the then 25-year life expectancy of Down's syndrome wrong.

Told in parallel is the story of handsome family man Antoine. Making money and love in modern-day Montreal, he remains troubled despite the knowledge he ‘has it all.’

The beautifully shot film was a box office smash in Canada and is out in UK cinemas May 11th.

Find out more about the film at the Café de Flore Facebook page.

Review by @SallyGriffith

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Full Metal Jacket 25th Anniversary pack

We've probably ranted and raved about how much we love this film on numerous occasions, so instead I'll leave you with a simple mathematical equation.

If you take a great film, make it hi-def, add a 44 page book , a personal letter, behind the scenes photos and a 60 minute documentary does it become a must have? Okay, the maths probably don't add up, but trust us, it's most definitely a must have. It's unfortunately only available on import at the moment, but we would give purchasing this some serious, serious consideration. Here the amazon link.

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The Design Museum is on the move…

The Design Museum is moving to what is know as The Commonwealth Institute in Kensington. The building itself has been empty for a number of year and this seems like a perfect place for the Design Museum to set up it's new base. The move is planned for 2014.

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