Mathieu Lehanneur’s vision of the common watch

Mathieu Lehanneur has redesigned the watch and named it Take Time. To be precise he has stripped away all the parts which he possibly could and has produced a watch with a silicone wristband and an intuitive fastening method. Apparently it can be worn on your wrist (no surprises there) as well as around your belt loop in a sort of timepiece fashion statement. We couldn't currently find them on sale anywhere but expect to find them online and at your local knock-off market stand pretty soon.

Sexy video celebrates Marc Jacobs & Playboy birthday

In an homage to the joint birthday of two serious lady-loving icons, Toronto based film-maker Claire Edmondson has made a special "birthday card" video for Marc Jacobs and Hugh Hefner.

The designer and the Hef both spend their days surrounded by nearly-naked women, albeit for different reasons. As Louis Vuitton's creative director, Jacobs embraces the female form in a purely artistic sense – and enjoys selling the brand with imagery provocative enough to get banned. While the Hef is… well, the Hef.

'Me, Marc & Hugh'  walks the same sultry line as American Apparel et al - brands who've long since discovered quasi-innocent frolicking underpins the most successful campaigns - and this film could easily pass as one of Marc Jacobs' own.

Essentially, it's semi-naked ladies rolling around clutching Louis Vuitton in a pastel-tinted school boy wet dream.

Clearly, school boys are used to more hardcore footage than this. And although filmed as a tongue-in-cheek birthday cheer to Jacobs and Hefner, the lack of men in the video mirrors Claire's feelings on the nature of porn in the current day.

“There is a gross inequality within the porn industry and because of that inequality; it is understandable that it's seen as degrading to women,” she told Vice.

Echoing Caitlin Moran's thoughts that porn should be more women-focussed (if you haven't read the chapter on porn from Moran’s How to Be a Woman, do it immediately), Claire says: "I think more women should be making porn or erotica for women. “

“The porn industry isn't going to go away, so I think the next logical step is to have more women making from a female perspective.

“Maybe if more women were producing it, it would create a creative equality, which would help in the degradation of women. That's clearly not going to solve all of the problems within pornography, but it feels like a positive step."

Rather than porn, Claire calls her film "dream humour". What do we think?

by @sallygriffith


Jordan Spizike “Bordeaux”

So, Nike are releasing Spike Lee's Jordan creation in a couple of weeks and are going to charge around £150 to get a pair. We're not 100% sold.

Edwin Denim, Japan

Adidas and Consortium’s Pure White Winter


Yet again consortium have made a visit to your local Adidas store an absolute necessity this NYE. The stunning brilliance of their latest drop has caused more than a stir below the belt line here at Grow Sunday.

The 5 pack set contains nubucks, pigskin suedes and untouched leathers with big laces and fat stitching in white/off white finishes, with the Arthur (Ashe), ZX500, Decade High, Shell-Top Mid & BC all represented, get a pair at a time or the whole set, but get them as soon after the clock strikes 12 on NYE as these kicks will be turning pumpkin pretty damn quickly. See you in the Q at Size? and then straight after at Boots to get some new tooth brushes…

Stop press…. Pre-order from the 26th at our favourite online sneaker store

Franck Ribery x Nike Sportswear Destroyer Jacket

Collaboration between Beastin, Franck Ribery and Nike to create this edition of Nike's famous Destroyer jacket.

Lacost L!ve collaboration with Cool Cats

Lacost have produced an unusually large collaboration collection with Cool Cats. From sweats and t-shirts to bags. Cool enough for cats! (sorry, couldn't help myself)

Mastermind JAPAN x PORTER – 2011 Fall/Winter Bag Collection

Mastermind JAPAN and Porter have come together to design a collection of pretty cool travel bags. (Just in time for Christmas) Bags are exclusively available here.

Limited Edt in Singapore promo video

Urban Outfitters and Levi’s Traveling Bike Shop

Urban Outfitters is getting involved in bikes (well, cyclists gear really). To help them achieve this Levi's has partly sponsored their Traveling Bike Shop and included a range of bike friendly gear. This should be rolled out to most OU stores around the world over the next few weeks.

COMME des GARÇONS and Good Design Shop

Kenmei Nagaoka recently put together a concept retail store with Comme des Garcons in Tokyo Japan. Here is what Freshness have to say about the store.

"Kenmei Nagaoka recently approached the venerable COMME des GARÇONS for his GOOD DESIGN SHOP concept. Envision an emporium of the old, selling everyday items of the new, the COMME des GARÇONS GOOD DESIGN SHOP is a rather random retail concept with a rather eclectic offerings. But where as with many other comprehensive collections that tend to overwhelm visitors. Nagaoka’s curation approach is almost gallery-like, transforming a rather cluttered visage into something very palpable for all consumer types. The COMME des GARÇONS GOOD DESIGN SHOP is located at the 2nd floor of Gyre Building Omotesando, opens daily from 11 am to 8 pm."

Retro Air Jordan 5

These babies are in stock on the Kinetics website. They are the Retro Air Jordan 5 from the brand’s Fall 2011 collection. The shoe comes in a Black/Metallic Silver-Red Varsity colorway and are priced at 16,800 Yen. (Just over $130)

BLVD Ice Pop-Up shop by Nike Basketball in Harlem

Levi’s Print Workshop opening event in Berlin

If only they'd opened this is London…

"Opening event of the Levi’s® Print Workshop in Berlin. From July 7 until August 18, 2011 this community-based screen-printing space is facilitating creative production and collaboration. Located in Berlin’s central core, Mitte, and housed in a temporary venue in the city’s former mint ‘Alte Münze’ (Old Coin), the Levi’s® Print Workshop celebrates craftsmanship and the city’s vibrant creative community. The Workshop marks the global launch of the Brand's ‘Go Forth’ marketing campaign and continues its longstanding commitment of craftsmanship, community, and social progress."

Stussy Deluxe and Converse collaboration

Sneak peak of a Stussy and Converse collaboration which is bring released at the end of the month at most Stussy stores. If we HAD to choose between them, we'd go for the blues.

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