New limited edition book about the The Beatles on sale

Of all the Beatles-related items released to the public, only two have failed to live up to expectations. The slightly strange Yellow Submarine iPad app released a few months back, and of course The Beatles: Rock Band for the XBox, which bombed. But these are anomalies in a market of nostalgia for the foursome that hasn't remotely waned with time - 40 years on the humble zebra crossing still means 'Abbey Road'. We think the latest release deserves the hype.

Photographer Harry Benson followed the group around for years, and in a new book showcases the award-winning artist's time with the Beatles, most famously on their first American tour in 1964. Thousands of photos make up the limited edition 272 page paperback, many of which have never been released. The book will set you back a whopping £450, perhaps one only for the most committed Beatlemaniac. (Available at a discount from Amazon.)

Full Metal Jacket 25th Anniversary pack

We've probably ranted and raved about how much we love this film on numerous occasions, so instead I'll leave you with a simple mathematical equation.

If you take a great film, make it hi-def, add a 44 page book , a personal letter, behind the scenes photos and a 60 minute documentary does it become a must have? Okay, the maths probably don't add up, but trust us, it's most definitely a must have. It's unfortunately only available on import at the moment, but we would give purchasing this some serious, serious consideration. Here the amazon link.

Paris, Portrait of a City

Over 500 images from 150 photographers find themselves collated in this superb biography of Paris. It's currently on sale at Amazon for under £30 and really is a great coffee book table. Did you hear that Taschan? We said it's a great great book.

The Hankie Pocketbook

"The Hankie Pocketbook adds a touch of elegance and style to your imageā€­." Well we're not sure it does that, but it's definitely a cool and original concept. They come in three different colours and you can pick them up from here for 10 bucks. (around £8)

Jalouse Magazine: Une Fille Comme Les Autres

Open Skies magazine cover


The Frozen Planet book (hardback)

The series was just stunning and now the book which accompanies the incredible series is available to buy. You can pick up your copy on Amazon here. (Psst! it's currently half price

The Kit by The Calepino Panoplie

Here at Grow Sunday our decreasing use of pencil and paper in normal, everyday situations has been coupled with our increasing appreciation for great looking stationary. This collection by French brand Calepino is one of the best we've seen in a while.

"The perfect package for those wanting all Calepino products, or for the ideal gift. It is made up of all you may need in the case of a shortage, a natural disaster or the rationing of paper."  You can pick up your set from their website.

SNAP! Magazine, issue #14

We've just discovered SNAP! and we're completely hooked! SNAP! is a free and independent quarterly magazine dedicated to art, fashion and culture in Montreal. With an emphasis on emerging talent, SNAP! collaborates with a broad range of Montreal's photographers, artists and writers, as well as creatives from abroad, to present a magazine that is "original, smart and playful." 

Now stop immediately what you're doing and read the ENTIRE magazine above!

Dice Magazine front cover

Dice Magazine is a magazine (and website) all about motorcycles and the culture around bikes. Here is their latest stunning front cover.

Sneak peak of the new August issue of Esquire

The Serpentine Gallery Pavilions book

For the last ten year the Serpentine Gallery has played host to Pavilions of all shapes, colours and sizes. This book by Taschen brings together a details feature on each of the last 10 pavilions.

"This book is the very first to bring together all of the Serpentine Pavilions over the last decade. Interviews of Serpentine Director Julia Peyton-Jones and Co-Director Hans Ulrich Obrist complete the description of the pavilions, illustrated by the original drawings by each architect and photos of the completed works."

This recently published book is available is most decent book stores, or alternatively you can pick one up from Amazon.


Issue 6 of It’s Nice That

It's Nice That have just released issue 6 of their monthly magazine.

"We're excited to announce the line up for It's Nice That Issue #6 due to be released on Thursday 14 July. Content includes interviews with George Lois, Lawrence Weiner and Asger Carlsen as well as features written by or about Mikey Please, Marion Deuchards, Keith Haring, Carl Kleiner and Chaz Bunick. "

You can pick up a copy from their website.

New Bloomberg Businessweek cover with feature on Myspace

The Copy Book by Taschen

"This is not simply a "must have" book for people in advertising and marketing, it is also a "should have" book for anyone who needs to involve or influence people, by webpage, on paper, or in person."

This is how Tachen describe their highly anticipated yet to be released book on advertising classics. Although it hasn't been released yet you can pre-order it on Amazon.

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