Olympic works of art by Charis Tsevis

Some quite stunning works of art by Greek designer Charis Tsevis. He was commissioned by Yahoo! to produce some work celebrating the Olympics and came up with these very impressive geometric pieces. You can see more of his work on his own website.

Collection of illustrations by Uno Moralez

Illustrations by Russian artist and Illustrator Uno Moralez. We like this.

New limited edition book about the The Beatles on sale

Of all the Beatles-related items released to the public, only two have failed to live up to expectations. The slightly strange Yellow Submarine iPad app released a few months back, and of course The Beatles: Rock Band for the XBox, which bombed. But these are anomalies in a market of nostalgia for the foursome that hasn't remotely waned with time - 40 years on the humble zebra crossing still means 'Abbey Road'. We think the latest release deserves the hype.

Photographer Harry Benson followed the group around for years, and in a new book showcases the award-winning artist's time with the Beatles, most famously on their first American tour in 1964. Thousands of photos make up the limited edition 272 page paperback, many of which have never been released. The book will set you back a whopping £450, perhaps one only for the most committed Beatlemaniac. (Available at a discount from Amazon.)

Sexy video celebrates Marc Jacobs & Playboy birthday

In an homage to the joint birthday of two serious lady-loving icons, Toronto based film-maker Claire Edmondson has made a special "birthday card" video for Marc Jacobs and Hugh Hefner.

The designer and the Hef both spend their days surrounded by nearly-naked women, albeit for different reasons. As Louis Vuitton's creative director, Jacobs embraces the female form in a purely artistic sense – and enjoys selling the brand with imagery provocative enough to get banned. While the Hef is… well, the Hef.

'Me, Marc & Hugh'  walks the same sultry line as American Apparel et al - brands who've long since discovered quasi-innocent frolicking underpins the most successful campaigns - and this film could easily pass as one of Marc Jacobs' own.

Essentially, it's semi-naked ladies rolling around clutching Louis Vuitton in a pastel-tinted school boy wet dream.

Clearly, school boys are used to more hardcore footage than this. And although filmed as a tongue-in-cheek birthday cheer to Jacobs and Hefner, the lack of men in the video mirrors Claire's feelings on the nature of porn in the current day.

“There is a gross inequality within the porn industry and because of that inequality; it is understandable that it's seen as degrading to women,” she told Vice.

Echoing Caitlin Moran's thoughts that porn should be more women-focussed (if you haven't read the chapter on porn from Moran’s How to Be a Woman, do it immediately), Claire says: "I think more women should be making porn or erotica for women. “

“The porn industry isn't going to go away, so I think the next logical step is to have more women making from a female perspective.

“Maybe if more women were producing it, it would create a creative equality, which would help in the degradation of women. That's clearly not going to solve all of the problems within pornography, but it feels like a positive step."

Rather than porn, Claire calls her film "dream humour". What do we think?

by @sallygriffith


In Defense Of Whatever by Christopher Berry

A great piece by Christopher Berry which you can pick up over on Society 6.

Hidden Lie by Dr. Lukas Brezak

Society 6 are offering free shipping until Sunday starting now!

The Stockholm metro

We're probably a little slow on this one, but how amazing is the Stockholm metro system? Not all its stations are decorated like this, but the amazing art and exposed brick are incredible sights to behold.

Open Skies magazine cover


RIP Ronald Searle 1920-2011

New Banksy piece at the National Gallery

The Kit by The Calepino Panoplie

Here at Grow Sunday our decreasing use of pencil and paper in normal, everyday situations has been coupled with our increasing appreciation for great looking stationary. This collection by French brand Calepino is one of the best we've seen in a while.

"The perfect package for those wanting all Calepino products, or for the ideal gift. It is made up of all you may need in the case of a shortage, a natural disaster or the rationing of paper."  You can pick up your set from their website.

Vintage Skull by Ali Gulec

Available from Society 6.

What is Motion Design?

Here is a short video put together beautifully by a group called Motion plus Design. Their aim is to: "open the world of motion design to the general public." They hope to achieve this by creating a Motion Design Centre located in Paris. You can find out more about this very interesting project on their website.

The Comedy Carpet opens in Blackpool

300 granite slabs make up the newest piece of art in Blackpool. The Comedy Carpet, spans nearly 7,218 feet squared and is made up of catchphrases, quotes, and punchlines from more than 1,000 comedians! Love it.

Monster Mash by Jack Teagle

Available here.

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